Baltimore Oriole


Baltimore is sometimes referred to as “Charm City.” I don’t know why that is, but I do know of one charming bird species found in Baltimore and throughout the mid-Atlantic United States: The Baltimore Oriole.

The male members of this species rock brilliant orange plumage and the females construct pendulous sac-shaped nests. You heard me. These nests can take up to 12 days to construct on the narrow ends of branches, where they swing loftily and are safe from predators. Fun Fact: Orioles are fond of eating caterpillars and may help protect forests from some of the destructive pests that would otherwise eat the whole thing down to a pile of sawdust.

If you want to attract Orioles to your yard, you could try putting oranges, nectars, or peanut butter in your bird feeder. A warning: I too like oranges, nectars, and peanut butter, so you might also find me hanging from your bird feeder, licking peanut butter off my fingers. But that is a risk you must be willing to take in order to catch a glimpse of these colorful and sing-songy birds.


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