Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retreiver


The “Chessie” or Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the state dog of Maryland and considered America’s native retriever. In 1807, an English sailing vessel, the Canton,  wrecked off the coast of Maryland; among it’s cargo were two Newfoundland puppies (one male and one female). Each pup went to different homes, coincidentally, each of the owners were local water-fowl hunters. The dogs became legendary for their toughness and stamina for icy-waters; which they are able to tolerate because of a thick wavy double coat. The outer coat is oily like duck feathers and keeps the dog dry and warm.   Like other retrievers, they are sturdy and want to kiss your face.

President Theodore Roosevelt had a Chessie named “Sailor Boy;” who is said to be a descendant of General George Custer’s Chessie (whom he took into battle with him).

“Much the most individual of the dogs and the one with the strongest character was Sailor Boy, a  Chesapeake Bay dog. He had a masterful temperament and a strong sense of both dignity and duty. He would never let the other dogs fight, and he himself never fought unless circumstances imperatively demanded it.

Teddy Roosevelt

If Teddy Roosevelt thinks you’re cool, then you probably are.


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