The Caribou. Or as it’s known to the rest of the world: The Reindeer. But I prefer the nomenclature emanating from North America. We like to be different. We say”Caribou.”

Anypoop, the Caribou is very important to human history. For centuries,  humans have used Caribou for food, clothing, transportation, and income in some of the most cold and desolate places in the world.  So thank you, Caribou, for being you. I, personally, will not eat you or wear you. However, given the opportunity, I would love to touch your velvety antlers and ask you about Santa’s temperament.

Both male and female of the species grow antlers, and they grow them big. Biggest antlers on any deer-like cervids (except the Moose). They can migrate up to 3,100 miles a year, covering 390,000 square miles. Think about that: 390,000 miles. That’s all on foot. Usually in the cold. Possibly while being hunted by wolverines, bears, wolves, and men.

Run, run, Caribou. Run, you majestic annual antler shedding creature.


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