Spotted Linsang

Spotted Linsang

What is most amazing about the Spotted Linsang, is that not much is known about it. I mean, it’s 2014, how can we not know about everything? But deep in the remote, dense forests slender, tree-dwelling carnivores are hiding from everyone. Humans may try to snare or trap small mammals for food or game, but because the Spotted Linsang lives in the trees, it can’t be SNAGGED. Dogs or other large carnivores don’t hunt it, because the Spotted Linsang is generally active at night, while everyone is ASLEEP.

I get great satisfaction that this cat-like creature has eluded humans (scientist and hunters) and continues to be widely distributed, but rarely seen. Rock on, Spotted Linsang, and keep it covered.

Least Concern


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