White-lipped Peccary

white-lipped peccary

You were separated from your group. It was your idea to be in the back in order to gaze up to the canopy of green trees and look for birds. And now here you are, in the middle of an Ecuadoran rainforest. . . alone.

You decide to keep walking toward where you believe your group is, slowly and carefully navigating the dense undergrowth, spiderwebs, tree roots, and scary things you can’t even see. Then you hear it: the unmistakable sound of grunts. Many, many grunts–like 200 low, guttural moans–and the gnashing and clacking of teeth. At the same time, you smell it: something dark, musky, stinky, and slightly rotten. Finally, you see it…

A wary of wild hogs called white-lipped peccaries, who are known for being aggressive in defense of territory, and for roaming in large groups of up to 300 members (called a “wary”).

You are not sure what to do. Will they be angry when they see you? Should you be cautious in your approach?

Nah. This is your wary, you little lost pig. And you don’t have to be wary of your wary.




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