Komodo Dragon

komodo dragon

I’ve mentioned the Chinese zodiac before. I was born in the year of the Dragon. Dragons are thought to be enthusiastic, intelligent, hardworking, straightforward, and super awesome. It’s the only “imaginary” animal in the zodiac. I think if I were a different animal, I might not care about it. But a Dragon? Um, yes, please. I shall breathe fire upon your face.

That brings us to a real dragon, the Komodo Dragon, and we definitely share the personality traits described in the Chinese Zodiac.

Enthusiastic: Komodo Dragons use their long tongues to detect their prey’s scent (let’s say a deer), and then wait . . . Since Dragons are the largest living lizards, they use their size to their advantage and attack the deer’s feet. The deer falls over and gets ripped apart by powerful claws and giant, serrated teeth.

Intelligent: They are big on napping and basking in the sun.

Hardworking: Most large carnivores only eat 75% of their kill (not the guts, hide, skeleton, hooves, etc.), but the Komodo Dragon eats almost everything. They swing the intestines from side to side so all the poop flies out, and then they eat them.

Straightforward: Their jaws are hinged in way that help them open super wide in order to eat up to 80% of their own body weight in one meal. They can also barf it up if they need to make a hasty escape.

Super Awesome: They can swim, but only if they’re sure they can get a meal out of it.

Being a dragon is the best.



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