Norwegian Lemming


Let’s talk about the Norwegian Lemming’s natural adaption: they periodically SWARM. These lemmings reproduce at a crazy-fast rate and then eat all the food in their surrounding area, so they SWARM, en masse, to another suitable habitat with enough resources to do the whole thing over again. Reproduce, eat all the resources, SWARM.  And again: reproduce, eat everything, SWARM.

Norwegian lemmings are a primary food source for predators in the complex food chain of the Arctic. When their numbers are high and they’re swarming, predators have more food and their young thrive, young who then eat the lemmings until its population diminishes, causing the predatory population to diminish as well. Then that cycle starts again. Cycle after cycle.

It all happens without planning, a lovely wheel that keeps spinning. Sometimes you just gotta take your hands off the controls and let life happen. And then SWARM.


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