Bearded Barbet

bearded Barbet

The Bearded Barbet is an African bird. Their bills have a tuft of hair-like feathers around the base which looks like a beard. Their Latin name is Lybius dubius.

Dubius is practically dubious. And they have a beard. So there you go: a dubious bearded bird. Nothing more suspicious than a bird with a beard.


Least Concern


Bearded Pig


The Bornean Bearded Pig is from Southeast Asia. They are different from other pig species in that way. Also, they have longer legs than the average pig. The long legs help them migrate to follow where the food is. The are omnivorous, but prefer easily obtained fruit; they follow after other animals like gibbons and macaques and eat what is dropped on the ground.

Bearded Pigs are excellent swimmers and have been known to swim from island to island in search of food or a cool place to hang out. Or perhaps they were just warm and wanted to take a lovely swim.

Oh. And something else which makes this pig different from other pig species: IT HAS A BEARD.

Both male and female pigs have bristly, bushy, long hairs on their elongated nose and cheeks. Who knows what purpose these hair serve in the wild, but they look super cool.