Scottish Blackfaced Sheep

blackfaced Sheep

If you are ever in Great Britain, you will see a Blackfaced Sheep. They are the country’s most common breed of sheep and the Brits do love sheep. They love to eat them. And also to wear wool. The first known records of the breed go back to the twelfth century, but were probably around way before that.

Scottish Blackface Sheep are devoted mothers to their baby lambs: lamb

Which are clearly adorable.

If you haven’t figured it out: the sheep are named after their black faces. But they are also known by a few other names: Scotties, Scotch Horn, Blackface, Scottish Mountain, Blackies, Highland Sheep. Both male and female sport horns which is convenient in domestic disputes.  They are also considered smarter than the average breed of sheep and are able to tough out really terrible weather conditions. Hey. Here is a question: why is it that if I wash a wool sweater it will shrink, but a sheep is wearing wool in the rain all the time and it doesn’t get smaller?

Get back to me on that.