Sichuan Takin



Above is how you write “Takin” in Tibetan. Why should you care about how it’s written in Tibetan? Because the Sichuan Takin is from Tibet. Tibet is the rooftop of the world and you have to be specially equipped and evolved to survive in such an inhospitable place. There is less oxygen way up at those elevations, and it’s super duper rocky and food is sparse.

Takins (rhymes with rockin’) are in a group of animals that are “goat-antelopes.” They are also like musk-oxen, as they produce oil on their skin that protects them from getting wet in the snow. They also have a nose that resembles a moose. They also chew cud like a cow. They also move with agility on rocky terrain like a mountain goat.  They also are migratory and move around in search of food like birds or deer.  They also live in bamboo forests like the giant panda. They also have brown fur, much like the color of a badger.

In other words, the world compares the Takin to other animals, because it is so unique. They live in such remote places, so we don’t know too much about them.  Maybe it should be the other way around: “Boy! Those sheep are walkin’ like a Takin’!” or “Stop chewin’ your gum like a Takin chewin’ it’s cud.”