I’m not sure what it is about the island of Madagascar. It has so many interesting species of animal which are exclusive to their island. Plus those cartoon movies featuring talking animals. Not too shabs.

Anyway, lets get back to the fabulous Fossa.

The Fossa, although it resembles a cat, is actually related to the Mongoose (so already, you know this animal is tough). On average, they grow to be about 24 – 32″ long and that is NOT counting their tail; which is the same length of their bodies. Their long tails help them balance while jumping from tree to tree. Something else that helps them in the trees? Slightly webbed feet and retractable claws.  Duck/Cat/Mongoose.  WHAT??????!!!!

If you are a Lemur and you see a Fossa, it’s probably the last thing you’ll ever see. The Fossa is a super amazing hunter and has a total hankering for Lemur meat. If a Fossa wants to eat your furry face off, I hope you’ve done everything on your bucket list, cause you gonna die.

Unfortunately, like so many animals we talk about, the Fossa is endangered because humans are big fat jerks and have deforested their habitat.  Farmers  also hunt Fossa to protect their livestock. I know that it’s nice to try and protect animals from being eaten, but the Fossa was their first! Oi. I don’t have all the answers to the world’s problems. But I do have a question, “Can’t we all just get along?”