Pygmy Marmoset


Oh tiny little, little smallest monkey. Here are some facts:

  1. An adult Pygmy Marmoset can fit into ONE human hand. A baby is about the size of a human thumb.
  2. Pygmy Marmosets are usually born in TWOs. And usually twins.
  3. Pygmy Marmosets weigh about THREE and a half ounces. They keep trim by chatting with each other all the time.
  4. There are FOUR types of jungle cats that love to eat Pygmy Marmosets: jaguarundi, ocelot, margay, and oncilla.
  5. Pygmy Marmoset’s gestation period is almost FIVE months.
  6. Pygmy Marmosets can’t spell the word SIX.
  7. Mommy Marmosets give birth every five to SEVEN months. The fathers help deliver babies and even give them piggyback rides while looking for dinner.
  8. Pygmy Marmosets can turn their heads one hundred and EIGHTy degrees. With this range of motion they can spot food (sap, insects, fruit, nuts, Cheetos).
  9. They live in groups of NINE members called a Troop. If this troop were in Beverly Hills, it would be called Troop Beverly Hills.
  10. Pygmy Marmosets are TEN-times cuter than a regular-sized marmoset.




Least Concern


Guinea Baboon

Guinea Baboon

Ah. The gentleman Guinea Baboon. “Why are they gentlemen?” you ask. Let me tell you…

The Guinea Baboon, unlike most of its primate relatives, doesn’t live in a tree swinging around, playing, joking, and throwing poo. No. The Guinea Baboon does all that from the ground. They are very civilized that way. They are very well spoken and courteous mammals. With just a mere look, they can express that you’ve disturbed, offended, or threatened them in a way that they do not appreciate. If you find yourself on the other end of this look, be ready to get slapped.