Crested Lark


Th­­e Crested Lark is known in the birding world (and other worlds where everyone else lives) for its crest of feathers, which can rise when the bird is feeling saucy. Saucy. 

This behavior occurs in all 37 species of the Crested Lark. How embarrassing.

Crested Larks are also known for their lovely song, which they sing while flying around.

Saint Francis of Assisi, a Catholic friar and preacher who lived in the thirteenth century and is considered the patron saint of animals, was particularly fond of the Crested Lark. He said,

“Sister Lark has a hood like a Religious, and she is humble, for in joy wherever she endeavors to find a few grains of corn, and eats them.”

It doesn’t hurt to be favored by a saint.