Dear Long-tailed Chinchilla,

I’m sorry that your fur is soft, which makes humans want to make you into coats. If other animals wore a different species as a coat that would be super weird and super gross. Can you imagine a deer wearing a rabbit coat? Or a rabbit wearing a jacket made of mice? Ridiculous. Especially when cotton is so breathable. . .



Critically Endangered


Three Banded Armadillo

Three Banded Armadillo

The Southern Three Banded Armadillo can roll into a ball. It tucks it’s head and tail together and VOILA!! it’s ready for croquet! They are found in South America (hence “Southern” armadillo) but not in abundance, as their habitats are threatened and are considered “near threatened”.

The Aztec called armadillos “azotochtili,” which means “turtle rabbit.” And that is a good description, except they aren’t like rabbits here’s how:

Rabbits                                                                Armadillo

veterinarian                                                       omnivore

hopping                                                               not hopping

represent fertility                                              represent humility

likes hurdles                                                        is a shot-put