Valais Blackneck Goat




Actually, gletschergeissen means glacier goats. This particular breed of goat originates from Switzerland and are well known for their black and white coats. Valais Blacknecks are very hardy and get by well in winter mountain climates. Like all other goat breeds, they are extremely curious and intelligent. Each animal has a very distinct personality and understands their place in herd life.  Very agile, you can sometimes find goats in trees. . .outside their fenced-in enclosures.

Goats and humans have had a LONG symbiotic relationship (around 10,000 years). Goats provide milk (for drinking and making cheese/soap) and fiber (for making clothes/textiles) and eventually meat and hide (gross). I actually don’t know how the goats benefit from humans. I guess we help to provide food? Shelter? They do pretty well on their own and are happy on their own, much like cats. I would say goats and cats are similar in many ways: curious, independent, cool eyes, associated with paganism, agile, intelligent, flehmen lip curling. . .