West Australian Seahorse


Ah! Seahorse! The monkey of the sea! Well, they have a prehensile tail which can grab stuff and so does a monkey.

Ah! Seahorse! The chameleon of the sea! Well, they can change their skin color and so can a chameleon.

Ah! Seahorse! The kangaroo of the sea! Well, they are only found in Australia and so are kangaroos.

Ah! Seahorse! The stegosaurus of the sea! Well, they bony plates all over their bodies instead of fish scales and so did stegosaurusi.

Ah! Seahorse! The African bush elephant of the sea! Well, they are a relatively large species of seahorse and African bush elephants are the largest land animals.

Ah! Seahorse! The best dad of the sea! Because they are the one that get pregnant and give birth to the babies (or “fry” as they are called).

Good ol’ Seahorse, you are very cool in many ways and I wish I was small enough to put a tiny saddle on you and gallop through the seas.



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