Toulouse Goose

Toulouse Goose

What does it mean to be domesticated? Well, in a very simplified way, it means to be a wild animal tamed through several generations to live in close proximity to humans. Dogs and sheep were among the first animals domesticated by humans.

Animals on the farm: okay to talk to or pet, and maybe share your lunch with. Domesticated.

Animals in the wild: Well, if you see an animal in the wild and it doesn’t run from you, it might be domesticated, or it might want to eat your face off.

The Toulouse Goose is domesticated. Very domesticated. They originate from the city in France called “Toulouse,” where they are known as “L’oie du Toulouse.” The French people love animals. To eat. For example, they love to eat “foie gras,” which is made from goose liver. But I don’t want to go into the manufacturing of foie gras because it’s horrible and sad. I will, however, talk about how domesticated the T. Goose is: they’re so domesticated that they are very trusting, calm, and quiet. They don’t need a pond, but enjoy one for fun. They live on average for 10 years, but up to 22, as long as a French person doesn’t want to eat their liver.

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