Patagonian Mara


Patagonia is a cool place. Literally, it’s dry and cool. It’s located at the southern end of South America and is home to glorious mountains (the Andes) and surrounded by the ocean. A rugged beauty filled diverse flora and fauna.  Living in this unrelenting landscape are the Patagonian Mara.

Maras are beautiful rodents who are one of the few animals in the world that are known for stotting (hop, gallop, bounce on all four feet, think of a little lamb bouncing around). They look like a cross between a rabbit and a hamster and enjoy burrowing just as much. Patagonian Maras are one of the very few mammals who are strictly monogamous. STRICTLY MONOGAMOUS. They form a lifelong bond with their mate, which includes peeing on each other to mark their social territory. Imagine, if you will, instead of a diamond engagement ring, your suitor pees on your back.
How romantic.

IUCN Red List species status – Near Threatened


Squirrel Glider

Squirrel Glider

No. Not a “Sugar Glider.” A “SQUIRREL Glider.” There are many types of “wrist-winged gliders,” such as mahogany (not made of wood), northern (not a yankee), yellow-bellied (not fearful), etc. They are about double the size of “Sugar Gliders” and have larger molars, which also makes it easy for them to dress as vampires at Halloween. They are about the size of a large rat.

Your reaction upon seeing a large flying rat,”OH MA GAWD. SOMEONE HELP ME!”

Your reaction seeing a fuzzy-tailed Squirrel Glider, “AW! Wook at dat furry-worry wittle baby.”

The Squirrel Glider is quite the acrobat and uses the membrane between their front and back legs to move from tree to tree, “gliding,” if you will.  They live in south-eastern Australian woodlands, with other awesome animals that occur nowhere else in the world.