White Faced Saki

White Faced Saki

It’s interesting what people get upset about. How can you blame them? For some, they go bananas for their favorite football team or baseball team. Some people stand up for social causes like violence against children, animals, or women. Or climate change, nutrition, human rights, the rights of people with disabilities, homelessness, education, access to arts and culture, mental health, ageism, inequality, economic issues, labor relations, etc., etc., etc. It goes on and on from the personal to the global.

People’s way of dealing with these issues are as varied as the issues themselves. Some run races to raise money, some post information on social media, some volunteer at a shelter, paint a mural, mentor at-risk youth, paint their faces to match their favorite sports team, donate money or time, tutor, march or picket, send letters to Congress or the President, etc., etc., etc.

When White-Faced Sakis gets upset or threatened, they fluff up their hair by shaking their bodies and stomping their feet and arching their backs. It works for them.

Least Concern


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